Developing your own deer antler chandelier

2016-01-05 05:48:00

What is deer antler chandelier? The antler chandeliers or antler Large Glass Pendant Light are a good option to use in your house and developing your own antler chandelier is preferable. The deer antler chandeliers are the good way in which you can represent your hunting trophies. The antlers are shredded by the deer every year by banging the body against trees. It is the task performed by them willingly. Thus, it is not inhumane to use the deer antler chandeliers. They look good at home and give the rustic feeling and the feeling of your being in the woods. The deer antler chandeliers are available in market but they are very costly and it is more preferable to make your own one. The wiring kit should be purchased from the hardware stores. How to make deer antler chandelier? First of all you need to clean the inside and outsides of the deer antler properly with the oil soap. Let the antlers dry and the spray polyurethane. You should apply various coats. Each coat should be applied after the first one gets completely dry. Then the next step is to make hole in the tip of very antler. The holes are to be made so that you can keep lights in the antler. You should drill more towards the base of antler and then use the wires to connect the antlers and form a circle. When you feel that the antlers are as per your needs, tight the wire and twist the ends. After completing that task, you have to push the wires through base of antlers and from the holes which you made at tips. Keep the light bulbs in the socket. Try to bring the lights in level and if you feel that the lights are not in level then you should use the modern clay. The final step is to attach the chain to top of chandelier. Now everything is complete and the deer antler chandelier is ready to be installed in the room.... Devamı

Crystal lamps would make the glamorous atmosphere

2015-09-12 06:31:00

Crystal lamps would be founded in 1618 in French. At this time, we only nature could make the crystal handmade by craftsman, because nature is pure crystal without impurity, so the artificial crystal would be made ​​of. Make the crystal lamps In the beginning, I wanted to make French industry into the boutique glass crystal, so the artificial crystal lamps would be invented, which has been in Italian Museum. In 1687, the French empire would be installed in the palace, horse the same time we could remark on it. Since, we always think that is the resource of the crystal lamps.   Oriental crystal lamps In China, crystal lamps have been invented in the 1960s, until 2002, the crystal lamps have been developed very fast in 2007 year could be called CRYSTAL year. Glamorous atmosphere would be Necessary for every family. Information of table lamps go to lightsinho tolerated.   ... Devamı

How to purchase pretty crystal chandeliers?

2015-08-10 08:36:00

If you want to purchase crystal chandeliers or Crystal Ball Lamps, we could not only choose the simple and glamorous chandeliers. Diameter of crystal chandeliers could be decided by our own house, such as the room in 20-30㎡, the diameter of the chandeliers could not be over one meter. If the room is too small, that could influence the harmony of the whole part. And if the height of ceiling is too low, that influence the whole arrangement. At times, the crystal light would be over 1000 dollars, at this time, the pure and place of the crystal would be main reason of the crystal, at the same time, the crystal would be one kind of the price, at the same time, according to the crystal, the price would be different, when we purchase the crystal, we could observe the light and pure of the crystal, then we could tell the quality of the crystal。 Generally speaking, after we hang the fixture, that would influence the height of the ceiling, then we could put the table under the chandeliers in case of the dangerous. Devamı

What are the crystal chandeliers?

2015-07-14 10:32:00

In general, inside the nature crystal, we could find the white trace screws, artificial crystal could be made of sand, potassium carbonate, glass and at least 25% lead oxide. Crystal could be cut into small pieces, than polished, more polishing section, the better of the refracting power. In total, there are pear-shaped, star, button, round, rectangular and so on. The stunning bead and transparency could not be the decorative parts, which could reflect the fire, which could light the room. The crystal could be made of the nature crystal, at the same time, that could be made of artificial crystal and glass. The cable connecting the bulb shall not be arbitrarily extended. As for the cold winter, when we use the fluorescent lamps in the outdoor, do not remove the surface of fixture. Crystal chandeliers could be include wrought iron chandeliers , that could be made ​​of artificial crystal, that is noble and glamorous. Style is unique, which could be equipped with high beautiful taste. Crystal could be the noble and pure symbol, stands for hope and bright. Devamı

Process of installing the European crystal chandeliers

2015-06-15 09:48:00

Pretty crystal chandeliers could keep the living room stunning and simple, as for us, when we decorate the room, crystal chandeliers would be in need, then we will introduce you some related information about crystal chandeliers. Check accessories Before installing the chandeliers, at first we had better check if the accessories are complete, chandeliers and accessories generally consists of ceiling plate which is round or semicircle square metal plate, connecting the walls and fixture, siding which is generally connected on ceiling plate and combines ceiling plate and walls, the back bar. Install the siding In general the ceiling plate could be made of cement and stones structure, which could embedded hooks, bolts, screws and expansion bolts, at this time we had better pay attention to match the carrying capacity of fixed nut and crystal chandeliers. We should use the expanded drill screws into the holes, do not bias the position, the arm should be straight, not drilled ramp. With installing screws inside the chandeliers, then we could hung siding to the expansion screws. Do not let the side fasten, both sides of the wheel could be tightened to ensure siding balanced. Install the bulbs Be attention, the flammable parts of crystal chandeliers could be inside the wooden base, the ceiling could be equipped with insulation and fireproofing treatment. When we install the bulbs, we had better connect the wire to the top of the fixture, the zero line could be equipped with top of screw thread. If the aperture is equipped with screw caps, phase wire should be connected to the cap of the top center, zero line is connected to screw. After finishing installing, turn on the light and do the test. Installing accessories Threading the bead of crystal chandeliers according to the picture, and hung the bead to the fixture. Be careful, if there are glass parts. Check Check that if the crystal chandeliers are light. If the crystal chandel... Devamı

5 kinds of Petite Party Dresses

2015-01-13 19:00:00

When attend the party, choose what to wear is very important. If your body are very tall, you can wear what kind of styles you like. But for petite girls can be worried about choosing dresses. Now many store are opened online, you can choose the suitable petite party dresses for you. 1. Angel Apple|Petite Shirring|Rhinestone Short/Mini Natural Regency Elastic Chiffon party dresses 2. Women Petite Party Dress 3. Party Dress with Rose Skater Skirt 4. Cheap Formal plus size Slim champagne Short Strapless Silk petite Club Party cocktail dresses Gowns 5. Petite 2014 Lace Black Appliques Party Gowns Devamı

Short Summer Wedding Guests Dress is Very Suitable

2014-10-27 14:41:00

Summer wedding. Short section of the guests dress more suitable for wearing. Skirt to the knee is capable of cool. If you spend soft fabric. Can reflect your sexy and charm. The first summer, a short section of wedding guests dress Guests dress short paragraph on human leg requirements are high. If your age is slightly larger. You can choose some of the deep. If you are very young. You can choose some bright colors. When sitting. If there skirt words. Be careful of some. Do not emptied. Otherwise there is a flaw. Second, some of the more appropriate light Summer wedding guests dress. To thinner. Thin summer characteristics. It can make people look very gentle. At the same time it seemed very ethereal, vivid. Summer silk of the material is appropriate. Wore looked very cool. Even very close. It will not feel uncomfortable. If the crystal inlaid with diamonds or in words. All the more upscale the. Personal or fishtail skirt cheongsam dress. It can be a perfect curve person displayed. Your body type, skin color determines your choice of colors and styles. Some body fat people should not worry. You can choose some color slightly deep. You can also dress up your beauty. Third, it is best silk fabrics Silk fabric is sagging. And very soft. It is the very texture of the material. Dress is the best choice. Note that when you wear. Just do not hang wire up. It is afraid of hanging wire. Do not close to the barbed sharp things. Also note that it is properly maintained after not wearing. Summer wedding guests dress some beautiful colors to choose. Some bright. Such as pink. To select a texture color. Reflects the colorful summer. To have the vigor and vitality. When you select a color. Pay attention to your skin, your hair color and so on. Do not get the grease at the wedding or drinks. It undermines its beautiful.... Devamı