Crystal lamps would make the glamorous atmosphere

2015-09-12 06:31:00

crystal lamps

Crystal lamps would be founded in 1618 in French. At this time, we only nature could make the crystal handmade by craftsman, because nature is pure crystal without impurity, so the artificial crystal would be made ​​of.

Make the crystal lamps
In the beginning, I wanted to make French industry into the boutique glass crystal, so the artificial crystal lamps would be invented, which has been in Italian Museum. In 1687, the French empire would be installed in the palace, horse the same time we could remark on it. Since, we always think that is the resource of the crystal lamps.

crystal lamps


Oriental crystal lamps
In China, crystal lamps have been invented in the 1960s, until 2002, the crystal lamps have been developed very fast in 2007 year could be called CRYSTAL year.
Glamorous atmosphere would be Necessary for every family.

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