Process of installing the European crystal chandeliers

2015-06-15 09:48:00

Pretty crystal chandeliers could keep the living room stunning and simple, as for us, when we decorate the room, crystal chandeliers would be in need, then we will introduce you some related information about crystal chandeliers.

crystal chandeliers Check accessories
Before installing the chandeliers, at first we had better check if the accessories are complete, chandeliers and accessories generally consists of ceiling plate which is round or semicircle square metal plate, connecting the walls and fixture, siding which is generally connected on ceiling plate and combines ceiling plate and walls, the back bar.
crystal chandeliers

Install the siding
In general the ceiling plate could be made of cement and stones structure, which could embedded hooks, bolts, screws and expansion bolts, at this time we had better pay attention to match the carrying capacity of fixed nut and crystal chandeliers. We should use the expanded drill screws into the holes, do not bias the position, the arm should be straight, not drilled ramp. With installing screws inside the chandeliers, then we could hung siding to the expansion screws. Do not let the side fasten, both sides of the wheel could be tightened to ensure siding balanced.

Install the bulbs
Be attention, the flammable parts of crystal chandeliers could be inside the wooden base, the ceiling could be equipped with insulation and fireproofing treatment. When we install the bulbs, we had better connect the wire to the top of the fixture, the zero line could be equipped with top of screw thread. If the aperture is equipped with screw caps, phase wire should be connected to the cap of the top center, zero line is connected to screw. After finishing installing, turn on the light and do the test.

Installing accessories
Threading the bead of crystal chandeliers according to the picture, and hung the bead to the fixture. Be careful, if there are glass parts.
Check that if the crystal chandeliers are light. If the crystal chandeliers are equipped with multi segment switches, we could check the wire and remote control, if the chandeliers could not work.

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