What are the crystal chandeliers?

2015-07-14 10:32:00

In general, inside the nature crystal, we could find the white trace screws, artificial crystal could be made of sand, potassium carbonate, glass and at least 25% lead oxide. Crystal could be cut into small pieces, than polished, more polishing section, the better of the refracting power. In total, there are pear-shaped, star, button, round, rectangular and so on.

The stunning bead and transparency could not be the decorative parts, which could reflect the fire, which could light the room. The crystal could be made of the nature crystal, at the same time, that could be made of artificial crystal and glass.

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The cable connecting the bulb shall not be arbitrarily extended.

As for the cold winter, when we use the fluorescent lamps in the outdoor, do not remove the surface of fixture.

Crystal chandeliers could be include wrought iron chandeliers , that could be made ​​of artificial crystal, that is noble and glamorous. Style is unique, which could be equipped with high beautiful taste. Crystal could be the noble and pure symbol, stands for hope and bright.

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